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My heart has been broken many times.
I gave up on men.

Broken heart!
I had a man who 
loved me so,
but that man cheated
and moved,
but never called.

Broken heart!

Know I have a man 
who is scared to ask me out.
What shall I do?

Maybe this will work out.

Or is it just another crush.

I might end up with a...

Broken heart! 

Love Dragon

Copyrighted by me (Love Dragon) 2006
Posted: 2006-02-20 20:49:20 UTC

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2006-01-28 21:23:15LaLa
i've been there before. it's believed that time heals all, but it doesn't. nice poem!

2007-05-18 16:24:17Angel of Music
Good job! I really liked it!