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Hi! My name is Ashley. I am 12 years old I like to read and write. I like short stories,poems,storys and songs. I hope you all like my poems,stories, or songs. Whatever I write. PLEASE READ MY POEMS Thanks =)
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Me 91
Sprites ( the faerie kind) 2
City Sprite (the faerie kind)
Sad 81
Broken Heart 2
Dreams 93
Falling 91
Invisible 2
Perfect 2
What shall I do... 42
Which one... 1
Call me a sucker!!!!!!!!!! 1
About me (not really a poem) 51
Time keeps me falling 63
Happy,sad, or mad
Love Dragons
Friends 2
My Best Friend 7.54
Land of Love
MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2
New Years Eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 81
Should You? 1
Dream of Love
Tell me already.
Falling so far
Love Love Love 1
Wishing Upon A Star
LaLa Land 2
Which one is it?
What a great friend!!!
Valentines Day!!!
True one
Unspoken Love
Smiles!!! =) =) =( =) =) 1
Over You!!!
Be Yourself
Follow Your Heart!!!
Be Gratefull!!!
Pay Attention!!!
War with no Peace
So hard, So simple
My Heart
Pointless 71
More Than A Friend 71
Mothers 1