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Whattup? My name is LaLa. I'm a 18 yr old African American/Chinese young woman n I live in VA. I'm a freshman in college and am currently majoring in Dental Hygiene.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
It Ends Here & Now 2
Your Love
Perseverance 92
Letting Go While Holding On
I'm Through
Every Night I Pray
An Amazing Day
To My Dear Husband
Real Love
Hopes of Love
Variations of Love 92
Love me as you love yourself
Marriage Denied
I was blue
Death Has Come
Capture My Heart
My Reflection 2
I'm Stuck 4
I Want 2
The True Meaning of Hate
The Woman I Will Become
Refused To Give Up My Soul
That Stranger
Stuck on Stupid
Stuck on Stupid 2
I was glass 2
My Lacy, Black Panties 3
For My Grandmother
For the One I Love 2.5
Take A Bow 94
The Man In My Dreams 2
The Mime's Mask 84
My Heart Sings 83
Growing Up 2
My Love Comes Down
God In Your Life 8
HiPHoP Poetry Pt. 1 - LaLa Curse 2
Beyond The Sunset(For My Grandfather) 3
God's Child(just a vent of thoughts) 2
Face 2
Familiar 3