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You see me and you stare
That smile, those eyes, that hair
That's all you're seeing
My outter being
Soft brown hair,
Peircing green eyes,
A flat stomach,
And wonderful thighs.
A close to perfect body
What more could there be?

You hear me laugh
and it's like music
Lighting up a room
With one small smile
Always witty
Never without something to say
I seem to have to be that way
Loosening up to ones that are close
A "social butterfly", they boast
What more could there be?

But beneath the skin
There's too much more
You're unable to see it
I keep it buried deep within
Festering inside,
Tearing me apart
You see me as confident,
But I am not
In my eyes I am nothing
But you still ask, "What more could there be?"

I decieve you with my looks
That I don't care what you think
But it's a lie
I trap you with fake strength
That I don't need help
But it's a lie
I trick you with my knowledge
That I know every line
I falsify myself
To better what you see

But beneath the skin
I don't like what I see
I care too much what you think
Beneath the skin
I feel like crying
I'm too scared to be brave
Beneath the skin
I just make it up
I know less than you think
Beneath the skin

Copyright 2006 JEM
Posted: 2006-01-05 04:09:38 UTC

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2006-01-04 02:16:27HangmanTheory
Wow...that's all I have to say. o.o

2006-01-04 20:49:49Crimson.Wings
gret poem

2006-01-16 10:16:03Thoughtless Encounters
i love this one.this poem makes me wanna just reach out and help the person hurting.i do love most of yours. just thought i'd tell you that. you're an awesome writer.

2006-01-29 00:00:53 *****Junior Walker*****
The best poem I've read for ages,Everything about its perfect,I like the way you switch up the structure

2007-03-13 02:40:24 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
what a perfect picture of honesty! Beautiful!

2007-06-06 21:20:27.:side:walk:.
Such breathe-taking, so soft, very gentle with truth, it's delicate with such beauty. Thank you so much for sharing this, you truly have a gift!