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Well, basically i've stumbled upon this website of some very talented writers and since i suck at writing, i wanted to post some of my favorite poems i found on here. It's hard to comment on everyone's poems that i like, so i thought this would be easier. If i've put your poem on here and you wish for me to not list them or to add a copyright, just let me know. I do not wish to offend or make anyone mad. Thanks ~Thoughtless Encounters~THESE ARE NOT POEMS (OR SHORT STORIES) WRITTEN BY ME. JUST ONES THAT I PERSONALLY LIKED.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Crimson Irony, by Danielle Lewis 2
*Just Because, by Silent..::..Suicide 3
Life (a short story), by Ochango
~ ~ Mirrors ~ ~, by FirePoet
~~ Truth in Beauty ~~, by FirePoet 2
Breaking from the lonely crowd, by Disconnected Soul
Unshed tears, by Disconnected Soul 9
Ignore, by Disconnected Soul
Undefined, by Danielle Lewis 1
Angel of Death, by Danielle Lewis
~ ~ Inside my Skin ~ ~, by FirePoet
~ Untouched ~, by FirePoet
Beautiful Struggles, by beautifully_broken
My Face, by beautifully_broken
Beneath Skin, by beautifully_broken 2
Starry Hours, by Cutie In A Death Cab 9
You'll See, by Cutie In A Death Cab
Exist, by Cutie In A Death Cab
My First, by Cutie In A Death Cab
Thoughts, by Cutie In A Death Cab 81
Remember, by Cutie In A Death Cab
Silent Killer, by Broken minded
Wandering prayer, by Faith
Addiction, by Amanda
My Definition of Love, by Amanda
Breaking in Silence, by Amanda
What Once Was, by Amanda
I am, by Amanda 82
"Wishing you were here...", by Faith
Asphyxiation, by Faith
The Angel at the Crossroads of my Heart, by Faith 1
Don't Cry, by KIRSTY
Don't forget me, by KIRSTY
With God, by KIRSTY 1
Masquarade, by Faith
Goodbye Hatred, by bedazzled
Smile For Me, by bedazzled
and i watched as it all fell apart...., By: look how pretty sh 1
Crimson Stained Dreams, By: look how pretty she is when she fall
Then and Now, by Amanda
Friends Eternally, by Amanda
Flawed, by Faith 2
shhhh, by Dragonfly
Untitled (For Billie), by Beautifully_Chaotic
justa dream, by Dragonfly
Empty Soul, by LaShawnna 1
not really a poem 1
Stupid labels (not a poem)
A silence fills the hallway.., by these cuts kill.. 2
My pain..., by these cuts kill..
Farewell letter to you, bastard..., by these cuts kill..
Your suicide, by My_pain_your_thrill 1
Letting my baby go, by My_pain_your_thrill
Love to Hate., by My_pain_your_thrill
On my own., by My_pain_your_thrill
This road., by My_pain_your_thrill
Insert from user info: My_pain_your_thrill
steel, by etherdemon
Belladonna, by etherdemon
killed by a kiss, by etherdemon
*title me*, by etherdemon
plea (no, i'm not very good at naming these), by etherdemon
Understand Why, by Snapped 1
Without Me., by soxbeautifullyxbroken
When everything goes downhill, by soxbeautifullyxbroken
*Now I lay me down to sleep, by soxbeautifullyxbroken
She Stood On The Stage, by No Child Is Innocent Once Born
Fate, Destiny and Luck, by Hope in A Bottle
Ironic, by look how pretty she is when she falls down... 2
Inside Out, by Ellie J [Idol Lies] 21
Razorblade Kiss, by Ellie J [Idol Lies]
Coke and Nose Rings {part one}, by Ellie J [Idol Lies]
James and Kate, by Ellie J [Idol Lies] 2
Waiting Forever, by Ellie J [Idol Lies]
(SONG) Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional 2
(SONG) Skin by Alexz Johnson
(SONG) It could be you by Alexz Johnson
Dear Dad, by AUSTIN 1
Suicide, by Ditzie 92
.be., by AlphabetizedKiss
(SONG) Nobody Wins by The Veronicas
(SONG) Paramore
Jason, by Tami 82
I Never Got The Chance, by The Space Between
Poems by: I'm The Girl That Holds Everything Inside 1
(SONG) Angel by Sarah MacLachlan
Someday, by A Lonely Song 2
Suicidal Ballerinas, by Broken-Hearted Angel. 1
In the Name of Love....((?)), by Broken-Hearted Angel. 1
Hold me tonight, by My_pain_your_thrill
This Girl Was Me, by A Girl By Another Name
Have you ever been in Love?, by Junior Walker 2
*Without Me., by I-Said-I-Loved-You-But-I-Lied
(SONG) Mad World by Gary Jules, Donnie Darko soundtrack
(SONG) A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars Lyrics
(SONG) The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars
(SONG) Robbie's Song by Juke Kartel