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when it is quiet
i remember your eyes
how they burned inside of me
how i felt like a real wombman 2

when it is quiet
your wit is a riot
i wish you wood take the pressure off
but you only dream of metal hand cuff

when it is quiet
i remember your skin
your need to win
and the fact i am Finn

when it is quiet
i remember your beautyfull mouth
my refusal of you going down south
how i knew you wood make me pay

when it is quiet
i remember your hair
the color the flair
savior faire
Posted: 2005-12-04 22:12:18 UTC

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2005-12-05 22:44:12love nothing >>--
yes i am very arrogant bite me haha j/k but yea..

2005-12-08 01:36:47waterlily
why RR u so very aRRogant? hmm>oh.how eye do wish eye could bite u good! knot j/k either

2005-12-08 21:13:55Amy Mc
she makes your mouth water. and the lillies are her punishment. she would deffinitly be okay with a femme. if thats what she was. If she wasn't its okay too. you can be as femme as you are. I'll love you for it. I like a femme. I like a butch. But i might like a femme better i don't know. just come over. from a looney stage artist if its you then come please sexy baby i'll make it good for you.