(Haiku Poem) Passion Fills The Air, by so_close_but_yetso_far Subscribe to rss feed for <font color=so_close_but_yetso_far">
Posted: 2005-11-17 18:52:16 UTC
Passion fills the air,
I want to kiss you so much,
But your off limits.

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2005-11-17 19:17:50Faith
So close yet so far away, eh? Don't you hate it when that happens?

2005-11-18 06:36:48~JaLeEsA lOvEs PoLkA dOtS~
I really like this one!

2005-11-18 23:25:12~JaLeEsA lOvEs PoLkA dOtS~
Wow, Im glad I could inspire you in some kind of way! :)

2005-11-19 09:01:24~JaLeEsA lOvEs PoLkA dOtS~
Haha, I deserve an award?!?...I feel damn special! Thanks!

2005-12-13 03:40:17Lovesick and Sick of It
Oh wow u have no idea how well that captures how I feel sometimes...... well done!

2006-04-08 19:55:05*Diamond Rose Petals*
i like this one, i like all of your poetry