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Poem title Voter rating Comments
Please Stop 5.47
Please Don't hate Me
More than Just liking 1
Cough Syrup 2
Snow White 1
A Rhetorical Question 93
La Feuille Ce Papier Blache (The Blank Sheet of Paper) 92
A Moment Like This 2
Questioning Myself 1
Written 2
Rewritten 1
Hey Jealousy 7
The Toaster Song 2
Whispers at 1:28AM 2
I Hate Christmas Parties 3
Wow- I wrote this whole poem and then put it away and then reali 1
Possible chorus of a song
Sort of a poem I guess...... 1
The first 61 pages of "A tale of two cities" a la poem
Impromptu Poem 1
Life in Third Person 1
Letting Go 1
Extended Haiku 1
I Wish I had amnesia....... 3
Five and a half stanzas 1
If this isn't love, I don't know what is 2
Writing Specialists 1
An Emo Poem 2.0 1
The Girl In The Mirror 8
Cloudy Skies 1
On Life and Prosperity 1
A Love Poem 92
Never Give A Group of Pyromaniacs Fire and a Bag of Marshmallows 2
Great Scott! 1
Reality? 1
A Moment, A Meeting, A Trial 2
A Creative Sore Throat 2
Another Corny Love Song 2
Bowling for Floods 1
Head in the Clouds
Freefall 61
Self-absorbed Truths 2
InAbility to coNcentrate 2
Euphoria 91
Control Freak
Root Beer Kisses
Not Another Teenage Eulogy 3