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Holding the pen
in a shakey grasp
splintering lullaby
of broken glass

Placid betrayal
of silence in death
head on my pillow
watching her rest

sleep now, my love
safe from the world
hold you in my arms
just a little girl

in a field of broken dreams
among hate,a subtle rage
please be my little fist of love
to beat my lonely cage
Posted: 2005-10-24 18:56:05 UTC

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2005-10-26 00:47:15waterlily
one of the strangest poems i have ever read

2005-10-26 04:37:34Beautifully_Chaotic
Thank you for your comment. I appriciate you taking the time to read my poem. Is (my poem being) strange a good thing or a bad thing in your opinion?

2005-10-26 15:03:51Mirashteb
strange? hmm.. taht's cuz you interpret in ure own way i guess..

2005-10-27 04:00:02bedazzled
I really like it, waterlily's comments are off the radar

2005-10-28 22:10:31waterlily
i wrote a poem about broken glass myself months ago.so that was a bit spooky.i broke the glass myself out of rage and motherly desperation.so your two lines including lullaby and shattering glass was most disturbing to read in print.a strange intimacy indeed.little fist of love? beat my lonely cage?Bondage and Discipline and good old fashioned Slavery. knot sure if it is good or bad per se.sometimes emotions are more than black and white terms since feelings are more than cut and dry when you cry.or dont allow yourself to cry.this is a scary poem.

2005-10-31 17:56:19.xx:+.Disposable.Darling.+:xx.
interesting use of words, it's very enticing.. but i don't think i quite understand what this one is about :S. it would be most helpful if you could give me some explaination on it and then i could give a better comment. love michelle.

2005-11-05 16:48:22Beautifully_Chaotic
I don't know If I should tell what this is actually about. It might spoil the debate, and all of your ideas. Don't over think it. In my opinion its really simple. This poem is about my dog Billie (who I had for 16 years.) I wrote it when she died last December. It's just how her death and how it made me feel.

2005-11-13 04:45:36Crzy Angelchic
interesting really. but good. thanks for reading mine as well.

2005-12-06 07:54:02Spiritual Beauty

2006-01-20 21:39:26. QUEENIE .
its beautiful any way you look at it, i enjoyed it immensly.

2006-08-28 22:05:39.:side:walk:.
I go through irritble dark times too, this keeps me close and it's powerful. I agree with bedazzle, yes waterlily, your comments are really really truley wonderful!

2006-08-28 22:16:29.:side:walk:.
waterlily kinda writes horney poems...