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Mommie Dress-Up
Cascading hair of buttercup
A pretty boy fall
While we innocentlee Ball

Mommie Dress-Up
How you make me deeplee think
Elegant lips of sparkling pink
PaDDed breasts lush and full
Suck my nipples and push and pull

Mommie Dress-Up
SOftness shall be our only emBrace
All pain you shall eRRace
Darting tongue fucking and pleasures deep
No more shall your daughter weep

Mommie Dress-Up
Wearing shimmering gossamirror threads
Our eyes will match our very heads
BeautyFull Mommie my seDDuction teacher
Even if it goes against man and preacher

Mommie Dress-Up
Suck my clit so sweet
Watch as DDaddy gives me his Meat
Love me Mommie best of all
Make me feel ten feet tall

Mommie Dress-Up 
Lick my ass so Divine
Tell me that you will all ways Bee Mine
SlowLee eat my baby ass
Than give me a thrilling B.Last

Mommie Dress-Up
Drape your Titties a cross me in style
Kiss me,Tickle me in our naked pile
Bite my nips hard and fast
Beg for my Cum 2 last and last
(S)extract all you can from me
Give me sexual liberty

Mommie Dress-Up
With eye of Piercing Blue
Kinky lover how Eye do adore you
Intergrating all of me into our power (S)exchange
Even if it is my brain you must reaRRange

Mommie Dress-Up
My first Cross DDresser in the Scene
Dont care if it crazy or O'B Seen
I want to fuck you in all ways Mommie DeaRRest
Cos I know youRR He Art is the PUrest

Mommie Dress-Up
Thought of putting lipStick upon your face
Make my cunt Hot! Makes my He Art RRace!
Igniting my nips of lave fire in my flesh Ma
KnoWing we Will be giving a good Film to PA

Mommie Dress-Up
Will eat youRR ass like a piece of Candy
Shove big Uncle Cock Dwon you fine and Dan Dy
Cause your mouth to water ,moan,and Sigh
HOt lesbian SExxx will get us MagicLee High

Mommie Dress-Up
Xcite me 2 the Bottom of my Soul
You are Horse and Eye am Foal
My animal Magnetism will thrill you
In my loving arms you will never be Blue

Mommie Dress-Up
Cascading hair of Buttercup
A pretty boy Fall
As we innocentLee Ball

Posted: 2005-09-20 02:07:30 UTC

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2005-09-22 02:21:47ill haven
so sinful i like repetition though ^_^ thanks for commenting

2005-09-24 00:06:33waterlily
a naughty boy inspired me though chris

2005-10-01 20:53:38hidden
Incest, the game the whole Family can play! wow Noob speak in a poem, how...cultural

2005-10-08 14:41:20so_close_but_yetso_far

2005-10-09 09:21:46so_close_but_yetso_far
^my m8 wrote that comment^ So dont B mad:)

2005-10-19 16:33:51hidden
No i think your mate is right. I can't belive this is the work of a 19 year-old, more like a horny 12 year-old.

2006-09-06 02:55:22User
Well...your poems often makes me wonder what is going on in the depths of your are seriously in trouble...whether you are 14 or 19..the thing is..this poem is gross and honestly...disturbing...(>,