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I write poems for friends, most of them I don't like but hell they do. Hope you enjoy my poems more than i do
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Just a hole 1
Single bullet theory 6
my two words 3
To see you smile 96
The lost lamb 1
This still love 3
my shadow 3.834
love is 56
Intro (story) 7
Chapter two (story)
chapter three (story) 1
chapter four (story)
stuff 1
ego 2
you and her 7
I live over your death 5
I'm sorry, God I'm sorry 4
the torn emotion 4
the foiled attempt 3
my deception 93
deception and deceit 1
Dreams of a dieing boy (song) 2
Reunion 88
wrapped up
Add to me 2
we are the pissed off
Viciouse Circle
Tears 65
nothing works
simple song 4.51
Reunion part 2 91
Sex, Ex and self harm 2
what a merry christmass
my blood or yours?
my emu
Almost a valentiens poem
Crimes against crime
black sheep 81
help, thrown away. 1
the knife in my back 1