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Broken Promises make
  You feel bad.

Broken Promises make
  You hurt someone dear.

Broken Promises make
  Someone hurt you even if they don't mean to.

Broken Promises make
  People cry or even want to die.

Broken Promises 
  Hurt the most.

Broken Promises.
  Have you broke one?

     © Copywrite of Adelle Whitefoot
Posted: 2005-10-06 12:49:49 UTC

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2005-10-26 07:40:29DarkShadow
Wow... your poem is like the story of my life... I like your style, you can say a lot by using a few phrases, this poem is really good, congratulations.

2006-08-31 05:53:55cute bunny
it so's a great poem.i love to read your poem.'re relly2 touch my heart!!!!

2006-11-03 01:44:55~**AGE_TEA**~
Diz one's great girl. i really love it. reminds me of a time in ma lyph. :)keep it

2008-12-25 22:12:32*Confidential~Versifier*
Love it