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Hello! my name is Hilda and i am from a tiny island called Yap located in the pacific and not shown on the map. i am no writer or anything like that. writing sometimes takes me away from whatever thats bothering me. writing is my friend when i needed one. most of these poems are true regarding what has happened in my life and what i wants and all that. its more like chapters of my life. feel free to read them and make any comments. :)
Poem title Voter rating Comments
trick 31
Amazing 83
Flowers 2
Gangsters of Friends 3
Each Night 1
missing 1
~ ♥ If Heaven ♥ ~ 82
If Only 91
My Truest Friend 1
Island Style 91
The Search 1
Broken Promises 2
Life 1
Dreaming the Reality 1
confusing love 81
Frendzss 81
My Best Friends 1
hopeful 2
Betrayed 2
Rainy Days 1
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow 1
my friend 1