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Raymond Copeland-Doherty Im 24 and well as u can see i do a lil writin from time to time.I write pure raw an from the mind/heart/soul...I could careless bout grammar or spelling (as you'll soon c LMAO) I like to here feedback b honest trust me it wont hurt and it wont change my style Im very laid back calm kooo collected gasta b though cause my Job is stressfull. Speakin of im an Army Infantry Soldier an this is how i vent so here u Go.......... find me on myspace! myspace.com/yella5 or [email protected]
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Persecution 83
My Battle With In 91
4 the Ladies 93
So Wut ? 1
To Understand is to B Me 1
Heart of a Playa 1
System 1
My Concept On Life........ 2
Impressions 1
Dream 2
Is U Ready 1
More Than a Crush (dedicated 2 Her) 94
Miss Her 2
A Correct Mistake 1
Damn (I Slipped) 3
Dont Know If Yall Know This But........... 1
This Land 95
Music 1
Quote From the Star from StarDust (Movie) 2
Missundastood 1
Terry Doherty (Mamma) 1
My Brotha........ Nigga (RIP) 2
*~And I was Written~* (My Explination) 2
*Death of a Playa* ( My Verse to Aaliyahs 1
*~Because I was Questioned~*(Its not a poem) 1
My Vers to Winner by Karina 1
~My Verse to~ *Cassies* "My House"
Lie 2
" Still Waiting"
Distance of of our heart 1
Death Of a Man
God Bless Me
4Ever Young
My Last First Kiss 71