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touch him
and feel him fall
see him
and know it all
watch him
as he meanders down the hall.

staring after
biting and praying
holding on
for another day...

watch her smile at him
and see him grimace
see her wave to him
watch him turn away.

see her
yell out

are you in there?
where is the boy i love today?
where is the friend i lust after
where have you gone?
father figure
childlike playfulness
teary eyes and emo sighs...

do you want her
do you know her?
does she know you
and if she doesn't
can't she see right through?

little boy
why are you letting this die
little boy
why are you going away
little boy,
can't you see how i need you so?

emocity at it's finest
pretty boi
shy and yet.. so not a frail guy

time is getting
to you my friend
the girls, the drugs
the rock star life that can never end...
i miss you
the you i knew
i question now
what i am to do.

i hold onto the hopes
that this girl thing
will soon pass
i hold out for tomorrow
where you smile can melt all sorrow
please pretty boi
stop this charade
please little boy,
don't let them rain on my parade...

she'll go away
don't push me
can't you see
i can't just let us die
i don't understand why it is
that she has come
chosen to leach
i won't be like that.

do your crumble when we touch?
do you grimace when i laugh
when i brush your hair or touch your lap?
no, becuase these things don't happen
i'm not like her
don't let me go...

Someday pretty boi
i'll have teh strength to tell you
i'll have teh courage to show..

someday my childlike guy
i'll tell you that i love you
and i'll tell you exactly why...

don't let this never happen.


Posted: 2005-06-16 23:37:19 UTC

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2005-06-27 20:50:50April BLue
fluid.too short in places.or too long in others.

2005-08-26 20:32:10
well good x

2005-09-29 00:29:37. QUEENIE .
thanks for the feedback guys :) it was just a burst on anger thrown on a page, lol. yeah, hence the roughness to it.

2005-10-03 17:46:30
nah seriously thought it was good reminds me of a guy i know xx

2006-06-28 00:39:03. QUEENIE .