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You can like or not like my poems but everyone of my poems has a different meaning to me, and each one contains different memorys and feelings.
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Friday hill-baby goodbye
4 da reason im givin u (i apologise)
Trying too hard 73
importance of being you
Baby boy brown eyes
Its scaring me now
so, go
never give up
a years gone by and we still miss u x
If i think about u enough 2
i hate the way u look at me
i hate the way
the uncovered
all cos u cudnt tell the truth 2
Chris (the pains over now)
Mark the motorbike man... awww :) 1
its not an obsession
I am
you left me
text message...trouble
Prom date
Blankly staring.. and nobody cares
Dont leave me
R.I.P 1
Chrissie pooh, CB number 2 2
I miss u bein my m8
Because of u 1
I cant bear to look at you
Maybe i was 2
What wud u do
The best isnt good enough 1
Dont be afraid
The 'gay' kid
If i ... im sorry
I've given up 1
an honest question with an unhonest answer 1
Maybe she was (story thing)
School wars 1
leave me alone,stupid love song 1
If i (could i change it?)
Another day
I didnt mean to break your heart 8
Our fake family 1
Dear Mum n Dad 61
I bet
you were all i had 81
Hate u now 4.56
We Held On and now its gonna be ok...x.x.
You.. 1
For mummy Sha Sha (Sharon)
Dont seem so long ago (for Mark) xx
World cup 2006
sitting there together...friends forever...
missin u hurts more than lovin u ever did
Why should I?
Now its ur turn to listen.. 1
... darkness ... 1
Treat him how i would treat him..
We all love you..xx
Its Not ok anymore..
Do you remember? (for Jack) x
World of her own...
I guess they all know now...
Why get angry with me?
Big red hoody (for chrissibob) xx 7
Im missin you... 91
See u soon Soldier.. (for mikey) xx
Dad- where were you? 2
*Nearly been two years* 1
Its too little to late... 92
*Mc,Lvya2006*[email protected]*
...U just dont know... 9
Harlies Poem x.x.x 1
Its friday, its langers, it chrissie and ley...xx
Wont let her...(DylanxxMarkxxLey)
If u got something to say 9
I dont 1
U didnt think
Lifes like a game.. 3
U got it comin 6
Rich.x.x 1
Markx 2
Im sorrii.. xx 2
Never let me go...xx 91
Cant buy me 1
it doesnt..
Kane...(im so sorry)x.x.x.
Dylan xx
Numb.. 1
Im so so sorry mum..xx
Its funny..xx
A TRIBUTE- to an amazing man- who i will never forget 2
You are me..[mum]..i love you.. 2
They are us...
You asked, so i told you..
Ladiieezz 1
Im just a girl 2 u 2
Dylan xxxx 1
Uhh...same old shit..
IF I (would you)
Biological Father **i dont need you** 1
Jayme-Lynn 1
Harsh reality 1
GOODBYE YEAR 11 2002-2007
K.. [[u know who this is for]] 1
say my name say my name
Saturday night ...
For missing Madeleine McCann
God why?
I loved you [[we loved you]]
[[its too late]]
I will love u always..even forever
My Soldier- (For Mikey) xx
Hope It Hurts 72
If They Take You Away.. 1
You Dont Know.. Mikey..x.x
Evlynn Pamela 3/5/09 9
I Do Wonder
Look Back
Cant Be Who I Used To Be
Not One Of The Girls
Right Time, Wrong Person