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Sex, the bed is a NO,
Half naked
On the floor
In the chair

In the car
JustAny damn where

Touch my body
Between my legs
Taste my clit
Rub my tits

Smooth wet tight
Catty, hard stiff dick
Take it with my legs up, together,
Or wide open angles
Turn me back ways
On my head I suppose

Long hot sizzling
On and on
Fiery hardcore
Slap  me. Hard,

Now nice and slow

So intense
Sounds of ecstasy 
Passion and pleasure
Slow and smooth
Make me cum baby

Oh yes yes yes
Oh ffff*k oh sshhhhut it
You feel so good baby
Right there
Don't stop
Don't stop
Don't stop

Aaaaaaaaaww hmmmmm
Whooooooooo baby baby
Your the best
With you I love doing it,
With protection?
Definitely yes,
We adults,having crazy fun, your my soul mate
We are having God's gift,

Posted: 2012-02-22 02:25:28 UTC

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2012-03-14 03:11:30stsorrowscribe

2012-07-28 19:06:03sweetNsour
i must have been horny when i did this(covers face)

2012-10-02 01:07:00stsorrowscribe
just a little, at least you can write it though

2014-02-09 22:07:56pat
I think I might agree with stsorrowscribe-typing that out was a bitch. Anyway, you really nailed this though