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I like stuff
Poem title Voter rating Comments
that's that
baby green
reasons why 9
my medicine
they won't even know
for girls and guys only
soup soup soup
safely breezy 7
pay attention 1
90s rap
the worst war is in my head
track 1
beg me please part 1
beg me please part 2
why worry?
mE too
the smell of air
a pooka poo ka 1
you gotta be kitten me
what's in motion
sack of jaweea
a passing light
my little bird
grape jelly
let life be
crazy man often seems like a sane man often seems like a crazy..
hazardous waist
beauty in every spec
frigged spineapple
random weird mind gook
sauvignon blanc
tired iron
mad cow disease
bee very afraid
2 jobs no sleep
poem for a stranger