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Locked in a tower
Lost and alone
I have out grew this space
Now I feel so confine and restricted
I don't belong here
I am waiting 
For you to say let down your hair

Under a spell
I stay here forever
But a sleep
Not happy
I can't speak
I am waiting
For you to kiss me so deep

I am at home
Doing my best
Among family
But there aggression towards me
Pull me towards sadness
Tired to be used and abused
I am waiting
For you to let me fit that shoe

When will my time come?
When will opportunity strike?
When will I live my purpose?
When will my life have meaning?
How long will it be?
I am waiting? 

Posted: 2012-02-18 23:42:36 UTC

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2012-04-04 11:44:52sweetNsour
Sometimes I wonder if I am fulfuilling my purpose. Like there is more

2012-04-12 03:37:29*Broken Wings*