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Thanks to all my friends that read and commented on my work I do appreciate it very much and I'm also pleased to share my work with others that feel and understand my world. I haven't wrote anything in a long time so please give me time to respond and also return the favor to enjoy you'll work also.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Uncut love 1
Love note 2
The Ocean Breeze 4
I tried to get you off my mind.... 1
Wounded hearts singles add 1
Cold hands under my sheets 94
Speechless 1
I wish we 1
Still no vacancy
Freedom 1
Forbidden Treasure 1
Alone I.
Beautiful butterfly
I'm leaving 9
Please free me
Relieve my pain
Tiffany's last party
I won't say goodbye
Stone heart 81
Troubled smile 1
Anonymous 7
Troy, I love no more
N.E.W.A.R.K (A.K..A) Brick city
Fulfilled 31
I got flowers today 7
Nobody liked my joke
Empty thoughts....I guess