Won't shed a tear, by Slightest Sound Subscribe to rss feed for Slightest Sound
Posted: 2012-01-11 17:19:01 UTC
This paper is blank,
without any words,
is just like my mind,
i'm trying to move towards.
I should shine like a star,
but it's hurtin' my heart,
i don't wanna end up broken,
like you are.

I'm hiding behind my broken smile,
hoping you'd never notice,
can you feel my guilt,
that's burning in me?
I'd go down on my knees,
for your forgiveness,
for all of those times you made me speechless,
but i won't shed a tear,
just cause you're not here.

My mind is sailing,
through the past,
and my tears are raining,
cause i knew it won't last.
I'll never see you smile again,
I'll never be able to hold your hand,
but i still remember those words you said:
"Ain't matter where you at,
all that matters is who you love instead."

With each passing day,
i'm reminded of you,
and i still can't understand,
why did you faded away?
Everytime i was insecure,
you were like:
"What you're worried for?"
I wish you'd walk through that door,
knowing you would never go.


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2012-01-17 08:57:35deep_emotions
love it