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“the sunset dance” is very “comforting” type of
In which I have just not only used my words but also a mug
full of feeling, feelings of freedom…I like that poem it
has its own imprints on my mind………

The Sunset dance

As the sun sets in the west,
everything turned to pure gold.
After the migration, birds did the rest,
and even I myself get sold*

I stretched my arm in a way,
that made me like a swan.
And the “ultimate sun’s dying ray,”
fall on me as I ran.
I put my mind to a side,
and let my tension flew away,
I gave my strain a big ride,
Even the sky seemed to lay,
I throw my shoes from my feet,
and unzipped the expectations pocket .
With my full heart I started to breath,
and let me flew like a rocket.
I thanked my lord for giving me a chance 
That helped me to get fine
I now  just love to do my sunset dance
Which teaches me that I am here to shine ….

Posted: 2017-10-30 16:19:30 UTC

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2010-04-12 03:23:59Simply-Me-20104
Thanks so much for all of your poetry comments! They are very much appreciated! You are way too nice, but thank you for the compliments =] I absolutely love this poem! And I love that you put your own side thoughts with it as well. This poem reminds me of a song called "I Hope You Dance". Just as you have personal connections with this poem, the song has a lot of personal meaning to me as well. This has a lot of emotion in it that is written out beautifully with great imagery! Love it