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L- Low starndars, we get all get by, by doing nothing, other
over achieve, the rest under.

I- If? What If? Every one wonders other actually do. Pain?
Death? Love? Sorrow? Forgiveness? Been-there-Done-that

F- fucked up! All im gonna say

E- Energetic? not me!!

Posted: 2009-03-14 23:10:02 UTC

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2009-03-14 23:35:58Gutta Chic
This is a very good poem i feel as though i'm connected

2009-03-15 01:12:07CUTTS**AND_A_BROKEN_HEART
uhhhhhh!! thanx

2009-03-24 03:03:49Natural_beauty_Ashe
i dont think you should feel this way about life try to look for more positive things in life you know.

2009-03-24 11:24:11CUTTS**AND_A_BROKEN_HEART
eah, i actually am about to make my positive version of life. lets just say i was not happy when i wrote this!!

2009-03-24 20:43:22Natural_beauty_Ashe
well ill be waiting to read you positive outlook on life

2009-05-19 17:52:48Ashley Reneƫ *Raining Tears*
this is a very good poem. great work. i love it!!!

2009-05-23 17:56:29Your Everlasting
This has some good meaning to it.Good job.Oh yeah sorry I made you cry.Thanks for the comments!

2009-05-24 16:09:24CUTTS**AND_A_BROKEN_HEART
its ok u making me cry is a good thing, thats how great ur poem was!! THANX FOR THE COMMENT

2009-07-10 00:57:24Nightlife
Hahaha love it! I like the little humor in this poem and the reality! Nice! Done and said.

2009-09-02 18:35:22♥ Leah ☺
I can relate

2010-04-01 05:37:28baya
hmmm mind if i try something like this?? this is very inspirational . . . I LOVE IT!!

2010-04-02 03:44:03CUTTS**AND_A_BROKEN_HEART
Go ahead! :) good luck!