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Hey, my name is Carolina and I am 15 years old attending H.S. I just did this thing because I enjoy reading poems when I get the chance, but I'm not that poetic. I'm more of a myspacefreak hehehe. well my poems aren't the greatest but wow some of the poems that I have read have blown me away! I'm impressed lol. My poems aren't half as good as most of you guys but ugh they're all right lol. you be the judge. Hit me up or anything by commenting me :) -Nightlife
Poem title Voter rating Comments
The Well 3
Lock 3
My Words 2
My Day 1
My Pet 1
Poem 1
Her 2
Dreams 1
Road in Life 1
Who You Are
Limericks 2
Latino with Graffiti 1
Quotes 2
My aunts poem, she passed away Dec. 2nd,2008 94
My 7th grade poems =)
Rebound Girl