The You I used to know, by *****ELIZABETH***** Subscribe to rss feed for *****ELIZABETH*****

Last night the you I used to know 
appeared mysteriously in a dream.
And gently whispered in my ear just so
that things were never as they seem.

Intuitively you imparted, “I feel your pain within me;
and at night, my vision is blurred by your tears.”
You spoke to my soul with unspoken clarity 
and calmly washed away my fears.

A familiar light that shone brightly in your eyes
enlightened my heart as if to say, ‘I understand…
everything you feel inside; I realize how hard you’ve
All doubt departed with a touch of your hand.

Then I awoke despondent to discover
it was only a vision of what I wish to be.
The you I know in a waking world cannot see
the me I keep undercover.
Posted: 2009-01-25 04:28:56 UTC

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2009-03-27 20:24:59!!! A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD !!!

2009-04-27 02:43:20marsha
I really liked your poem

2009-05-05 01:51:14Janae_WITH pasion
this is great

2009-05-28 07:04:49dispersed_sky
Very nice!!!

2009-07-15 19:00:38♥ Leah ☺
just amazingg!

2009-11-02 22:59:59*Broken Wings*
Great poem, keep writing.

2010-01-11 14:25:01Alvas
Interesting and very nice poem :)