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Alrighty whats up people? Not a lot here I'm switchin my poems all over to so um... yeah you can look for them there my username is NoOneOwnsMe
Poem title Voter rating Comments
This feeling 2
The one 4
Remember me? 99
What happened?
Will it go away? 1
Suicidal Thoughts 2
Save me
Out of my life 1
Watch me 1
Loving you 1
It happened in a day 1
I guess things change 1
The beauty down my arms
It hurts
When I'm open
Pain 1
Let me break free
How'd he do it?
Since I don't know when. 1
My Mistake
Scream To Me
Screwed up
Lonely 1
No one's there.
Help Me 2
It Changes 2
Thoughts... (Not really a poem)