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Your words I don't like them. 
Your words I don't need them.
Why must you be here.
At the moment,
Your unwanted.
Let  your words stop.
Let me think,
Without your voice.
Posted: 2017-01-28 04:51:36 UTC

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2005-03-28 15:27:19lacebutterflies
i like this poem. It gets a strong message through in just a few words.

2005-05-12 17:27:25wishing_on_stars
I strongly agree. Excellent poem.

2006-03-15 16:50:48XRebzX
This is excellent! Brilliantly written and everything! It's short, but straight to the point

2007-02-18 09:49:05liberty moon
i am a lover of direct straight to the point poetry. this is brillian poem.