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I wrote this poem for you 
Just b/c I thought about you

I love spending time with you
Just b/c your you

I wish I could be with you everyday
Just b/c I love you in a special way

I would never place anyone above you 
Just b/c thats how much I love you

I talk about you all the time
Just b/c your mine

I would do anything for you 
Just b/c i adore you

I dont know what I'd do without you
Just b/c I'd be lost without you

I just thought I'd let you know how I feel
Just b/c this is all real

I love you
Just b/c I do
Posted: 2007-01-12 00:48:16 UTC

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2007-01-15 21:53:44Chalan
Nicely written.

2007-02-12 02:21:21Lil'Fighter

2009-05-15 22:12:10Your Everlasting