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I am 24 years old from Manitoba, Canada. I am married to a wonderful man and have two children aged 5 and 3. My poetry is somewhat like my journal. It allows me to vent my thoughts and emotions. And are based on my life experiences. I look forward to your comments and your ratings!!
Poem title Voter rating Comments
It's Time 2
How Could I? 2
Country Girl 95
Tell Me Why 96
Keira Jade 92
Caleb 92
A Cry For Help 92
My husband 94
From This Day Forward 91
Remember When 91
The unborn Child 8.52
Out of Control 94
A Stolen Gift 94
Everything is Alright 1
Your Love 3
Falling in Love With You 8.52
Now that you're Gone 8.756
Could You Be The One 2
Heart Break 93
Under The Blanket of Darkness 94
I Wish 77
Good-bye 82
Go To Hell 97
On the Wings of an Angel 96
Free 92
Thank You 2
Why 82
Broken 97
Stand 2
For my husband- to-be 2
Our Love 4
Soul Mates