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Don't I look different today
don't you see whats weird about me
I guess you didn't see, because you didn't notice me
In your world, I am just a stranger who you want to meet

I walk past you, you didn't look back
you were too busy trying to ignore me
the fact that I'm a person who has nothing to loose

Im tired of covering me up with lies
putting mask on my face to make me feel beautiful
so you talked to me, and I got more respect              
But just to let you know Im the other person               

The fake side of me

Dust and wind pushed up to my face
nothing will ever be good of what I do
I will always be the one who will look unpretentious
you laughing at my face and me standing there letting you

Just tell it too my face I am the ugliest one in the world
But all you do is hint me with clues that are hurtful
tell it straight to my face, I'm not planning to live
Picking on everything I do, well look at you

I'll never be pleased or respected by others
I wished I put that mask on
receiving harsh looks from everyone, it hurts
because I don't look beautiful

Each day and night I wonder why, I was created this way
Why I was created to feel so much pain
while others have everything, and they make me feel worse
why would I be created when I look this way
Its no use of living, but I'll survive through this day.

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Posted: 2008-01-04 20:43:45 UTC

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2006-03-14 02:09:22krystalblu
i think this is wonderful

2006-03-16 18:50:36Faith
I like this poem a lot... it has an interesting flow...

2006-03-23 21:35:46.:side:walk:.
thank you!

2006-08-20 00:42:37.:side:walk:.
thnx krystalblu!

2006-08-22 15:13:02Christina Lousie
I love this.

2006-08-28 21:40:34breathe+me
I always have to do that, now i don't feel alone!

2007-06-11 19:30:46Only one ggirl right for me
The fake people are the one who act like there the best and have every thing and that nothing wrong. Because nothing and no ones perfect. Good job. Keep at it.