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If I close my eyes
and try 
to disappear
will the doubt
along with
this fear I feel?

Or am I doomed
to fail
at almost 
I do?

If I close my eyes
will I become 
the silence
between Your words?

Will I feel connected
in some 
small way
to the
elaborate plans
You hold out to me
in Your hands?

If I shut my eyes
for a moment
and release
from the vice
I repeatedly lock it in
will You teach me
to love
as You love?




Or am I alone
in this struggle?

If I scream 
at the top
of my lungs
will You answer?

Will You send
water from heaven
to drench
my dry
weary soul
before I drift away
with the wind?

Or am I already lost?


Posted: 2009-10-09 07:26:50 UTC

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2005-12-01 22:27:44Faith
--I penned this one just today. Yes, i am a Christian, but that doesn't mean that i have an easy time trusting God... slowly but surely i am learning to give Him more of my trust. Pray that i get there one day.--

2005-12-02 04:28:13Loneliness is condescending
I really like this poem and the style you choose to wrote it in.

2005-12-05 17:43:10 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
Faith I am glad that your a Christain.I know that it is not an easy road to travel, but it is the road that will lead us back to God.I feel the love of God in most all of your poetry. I am excited about that! I love your poetry!

2005-12-05 17:51:13 Kirsty (living in the light)
i am a christian too faith and beleive me i have had my fair share of hard but its a long road maybe one day we will meet in our poetry conquest.

2005-12-07 04:27:05vicky
I really love this poem and I find myself relating to it. As I was reading it, I thought to myself "this is how I actually feel sometimes". I too am a Christian and come across those times in my life in which I doubt the Lord's love for me but this poem is soo comforting to read. In a way, its puts the reassurance back in my heart.

2005-12-07 23:59:29Crimson.Wings
i m a christian 2, & i really liked this poem.

2005-12-13 03:44:25lost the lonely dead
like it

2005-12-24 20:05:55♥breauna♥
what church camp do u go to????

2005-12-26 20:41:15AndTheTreeWasHappy
This poem is absolutely beautiful.

2006-01-03 17:58:24Faith
Silver Birch Bible Camp

2006-01-24 17:33:27mia
i am not a Christian, however i liked this poem of yours and the style of it was very enjoyable..

2006-01-30 04:26:05Abby Fischer
This is AWESOME! You definitely have a gift and I love that you pour you heart into every word =) Keep it up!

2006-02-05 09:02:28bedazzled
This is a great poem Faith and while I'm here I'd like to thank you for your comments. I've actually had some of my earliest work published in America, unfortunately I live in New Zealand. Anyway this was beautiful, keep it up.

2006-02-08 19:58:04Aims
I really like this poem. It's relatable in more than one way. And I enjoy this style too. Thanks for your comment also.

2006-05-09 10:39:26User
I am no Christian but somehow I like it, anyways you read my poem "Mysterious Girl" and if you want to know about Thai people and their life..I can tell you a bit...if you don't mind dropping me a mail at zhengwei654@yahoo.com. still I hope you will see this though..

2006-09-28 02:29:48FrostedCold
I feel like this often...trusting, hoping and believing in God is sometimes one of the hardest things to do.

2007-01-12 22:47:13fallÚn
faith , :) i m not christian , i m muslim but i understand your disroder wich inside and respact you good poem ty

2007-03-15 01:22:26Shattered Mirror
I love your poem. it describes what man christians face today. I have doubts sometimes but i learn to get through them. have you heard of the singer Matisyahu he's a reggae Jewish Christian singer hes really good u should look him up.

2007-09-08 06:34:51amroth
Thanks for comment and wow this is a great poem. I love your style and how you bring it about. Look forward to reaading more :)

2008-04-21 01:01:40***^^Nicole^^***@K@:Iifetime7poet4eva!
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED YOUR POEM!! u should really consider writing a poetry book or so. i bet u could become a best-seller! keep up da FANTASTIC work!!! =D =P =] => =Q