your such a blessing to me, by ♥breauna♥ Subscribe to rss feed for ♥breauna♥

Such a blessing it is to have you as a friend
To know that with you I can be me
Never having to hide my feeling or thoughts
That other people can so easily see. 

Such a blessing it is to hear from you everyday
I always look forward to your wonderful letters
Or chatting with you when you call
You always make a bad day better. 
Such a blessing it is that we can share so much
And never fear the other will tell
I know I can trust you completely my friend
Cause you know me so well. 

Such a blessing it is to wake up each morning
And always look forward to a brand new day
Because knowing I have a friend in you
Means nothing will stand in my way.

Cierra this poem is 4 you 
I luv u so much even if we fight alot no1
can tear us apart *blows a kiss*
Posted: 2005-11-17 23:54:59 UTC

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2005-11-17 23:02:47love nothing >>--
*GINORMOUS SMILE* OH MAH FRIKIN GAWD IM A BLESSING!! Haha thanks Nannar u r a blessing too!

2005-11-19 00:52:12waterlily
some hide themselves very carefully ...and rarelee let others inside for a brief little peek...this poem is sweetly innocent in places

2006-01-18 22:47:17love nothing >>--
a pssssssssssh psssssssssssh *kyss* but u told monica what u shouldnt have oOoOoOoOo U LIE U LIE!!! I know where Thrasher hydes his me and u and santa...CHOCOLATE BUNNI BISKUT