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The heat
rises and fades
off her skin
as she peels
back the

They are 
her armour.

Her exoskeleton.

What she
falls back on
when all else
has failed her.

She cannot possibly
exist without it--
and yet
there she stands
raw and exposed.


Free to be
who she wants,
but choosing
the easy way

The path
to Utopia.

So she takes
one last
longing glance
at the girl
she should be,
then climbs
back into 

And into a life
she never
to begin with,
yet lives
for fear
of truly living.

There are
empty grey skies
in the back
of her
blue eyes.

A storm 
is brewing
and she has
slipped away.

Dead while
still alive.

Posted: 2009-10-09 07:25:20 UTC

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2005-10-22 02:51:23Faith
--Written one night ,Fri, Dec 16, 2004, for some reason... i'm not sure why. It just sort of came to me while i was lying awake in bed. For those of you wondering about the title it means "little girl" in Spanish and it also has parallels to the global warming sensations El Ni

2005-10-23 06:45:56Cutie In A Death Cab
I think it's nice, well-worded and easy to read.

2005-11-10 18:29:37so_close_but_yetso_far
I agree with Cutie. Still have the miagraine lol..........

2005-12-05 17:53:32 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
I like this poem , I think if anyone considers it, we all are in an exo skeleton and wearing one everyday, this is when the love of God can wear out an exo skeleton and make bring alive the inner person with love and happiness ,and cause them to excell in the great and wonderful love that God has for us all! like i said before I love your poetry.Just look at this poem, last year in December on 16th you wrote this ,yet this year in December you are posting ...yes I am a Christian. I think your poems are wonderful testimonials of the love within you.

2005-12-06 08:06:50Spiritual Beauty
this poem makes me imagine a girl being afraid to follow the path of truth... because that path holds alot of difficulties...she still hides within... afraid of being liberated into truth...therefore, spiritually dead...:(i dunno if that was what u meant... This poem tells that faith is not easy, it does require understanding and strength... Well done:) we shud take it as a reminder.