~CaNt Be ToGeThEr~ JuNe 11th, by ~MiSsInG HiM~ Subscribe to rss feed for ~MiSsInG HiM~

Hey ppl. I wrote this today but the thing says that I wrote
it tomorrow. well they are messed up. lol. I wrote this on
June 11th. Tell me what you think!

Where do I turn
What do I do
I cant see myself
Without you.
We cant be together
We cant be apart
I try to determine
Whats in my heart.
Still have your pictures
Hanging in the frame
I think about you often
Do you do the same?
There's other guys
That want to be a pair
But I turn them down
They cant compare.
You say we're friends
But are we more
Can you decide
What youre leaning toward?
Dont want you to be
With anyone else
Do you feel like that
Do you get jelous?
But I really love you
And care so much
Do you want to be with me
Or is it just a hunch?
I can imagine us married
Living just off the beach
And look out the window
The waves we see.
Remember when
We could be together
We were not scared
Of forever.
I miss those days
You dont even know
If we could be back there
I would surely go.
I guess thats life
God has a plan
I tried to hold on
But instead I ran.
Posted: 2005-06-12 03:53:38 UTC

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2005-08-27 01:28:19XRebzX
I can completely relate to your poem!! I write similar stuff. I really loved it, was brilliant, well done!!

2005-10-30 19:21:53
good again, keep it up, he hurt u didnt he x

2007-08-12 10:07:04Trish"
Love this poem. It relates to me.