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This is about my first true love. I will never forget him
and I still love him a lot even though we dont talk.

When you first fall in love
you don't see it coming
it hits you like a truck
there is no warning
Before you know 
you're falling head over heals
for this one special guy
your heart he steals
There are moments with him
that will never last forever
with these shared memories
your heart will always treasure
You'll never forget
no matter what you do
when you fell in love
but didn't stay true
With little effort or control
he'll com to mind
but it hurts too much
to leave behind
All you have shared
all you have been through
even in your mind
he'll always be with you.
Posted: 2005-06-12 03:54:54 UTC

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2005-05-02 22:22:56*dAzed with cOnfusin*
i really liked ur poem, it sounds a lot like what love is and what it can do to u.

2005-06-01 12:47:26Maren
Hey. I wrote a poem about my first love, too. Maybe you'd like to read it. I really liked yours. :)

2005-06-22 06:52:04Lillian

2005-10-30 19:18:59
i like it, alot, infact, it is so true, i can relate to it

2006-02-08 20:05:58Debz ~~ lost amoungst the pages of a story yet to be told ~~
this was beautiful i really liked it i know what its like to never forget a first love and the heartache it causes you for the rest of your life but as each new love comes along the hurt fades till its just a memory and thats whats called moving on xx

2006-09-06 03:04:30User
This is beautiful...I love it..!!