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This is a poem I wrote the other day. I thought it was worth
putting on here. I guess I just miss him still. But dont
worry, I'll get over him..sometime..lol

I am a girl
writing of my life
I am your enemy
causing you strife
I am your daughter
hiding my sadness
I am your sister
annoying you less
I am your girlfriend
acting like I'm okay
I am a wisher
wishing he stayed
I am a friend
who loves to have fun
I am a human
always on the run
I am a dreamer
dreaming you cared
I am your ex
missing times we shared
I am a bird
without it's wings
I am a child
as though it seems
I am a book
without it's pages
I am a grandmother 
who only ages
I am a teen
who doesn't have a clue
I am nothing
without you.
Posted: 2005-06-12 03:56:57 UTC

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2005-04-25 18:59:15Lillian
I really felt your poem. I fell the exact same way about someone very dear to me (that I can honestly say I loved!) and I'm also one of those teenagers, just waiting to get out of this stage. I hope you're healing. It takes forever, but I'm slowly thinking about it. -Cindy

2005-06-29 18:47:29My_pain_your_thrill
I agree with Cindy, I didnt just read this poem, I felt it. It is deep, it is true. I am one of those teenagers, too old to be held and told everything will be ok, and then just believing it, but young enough so that when I try to speak my mind I get told 'you're too young' Lost with out my first love Paul, lost since evryone walked away. I love this poem!!

2005-10-30 19:16:58
hey, this is very heart felt i love it, u r always sum1 to sum1 if u get wot i mean, jus cos u aint nuffin to him, theres plenty of other ppl hu love u