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You fold your arms around me
	and I feel my frame
	melting into yours
like the missing pieces of a puzzle
and one heart beats for two.

I am crashing into you--
	a falling star towards the earth--
yet with tender delicacy
you gather me in your arms
and keep me from falling apart.

It is your hands encircling my waist
	that are holding me together,
keeping my soul
from reaching out towards the heat of you;
from soaring across the sky
and blazing to the ground.

You render me speechless, breathless,
	yet with one flickering glance
	all is laid bare
and with every breath you take
I learn to breathe again.

Never before have I felt
	so close to God
as when you pull me to your heart.

Posted: 2009-10-22 20:44:00 UTC

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2006-08-11 16:24:46Faith
--Written Wed, August 9th, 2006--

2006-08-12 17:32:35 Kirsty (living in the light)
i guess this symbolises jesus, thankyou for commenting on my poems i noticed you didnt say anything about me self harming, which is interesting hey faith whats ur email? if u can let me know that would be cool, oh and i gave my life to christ again this week, although i am still self harming and trying to give up love you always kirsty

2006-09-01 02:55:18User
Well..I am no Christian but I didn't know it is about Jesus until the very last sentence..sounds a lot like a description of being in the warm embrace of your true love..but anyhow..I love this poem so much...feeling so warm inside...well done..!!!!!!!

2006-09-01 14:48:51Brooke

2006-09-04 22:11:51 *****Junior Walker*****
like the warm feeling this poem gives,so often I have to look up word after reading your stuff though,learnt a new word...solace

2006-09-18 01:15:51 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
well done!:)

2006-10-09 04:30:44lost the lonely dead
like it, and it is good but i think the begining is a bit choppy somehow, it seems to start and stop a bit but still the poem is great, sorry havent commented in awhile ive just been busy, keep up the awesome writing

2006-11-08 08:23:58[c a s a n d r a]
omg that was amazing. :]