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Yeah, so I am Sharon. And I would appreciate a comment now and again. Because even if it sucks, I would like to hear about it. Because if people only comment when they love somthing, that isnt any good for any of us. Because, who really wants to see Sharon bask in the glow of her growing ego? please. If you dislike somthing constructive criticism is always welcome. Only YOU can prevent egoistic poets!
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Flickering Florescent 84
Immortal 83
Removing the Just 5
Story book ending 2
Today 83
Chronicles of the Blind 83
Giving Up Chocolate 3
The New Millennia
Arizona- Boot Cut- Size 7
A Haiku 81
Mistletoe- Beware! 91
For Everything Else There's Mastercard. 71
The Weakest form of Surrender.
Ponderings of Love and Jealousy
Hopes wasted on Daylight Savings.
An Ode (Honoring Virginia Tech.) 1
Nymph's Reply to the Shepheard