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Craney is my Nickname. I am a guy who adores nature, love, and hot chocolate. I am the Canadian individual.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Love on the high way 4
Don't touch the girl! 2
Sleeky (The story about Tender Cat)
Cry of Soldier (you should be +18 years old to read that)
Nice chicks are moving slowly (Song) 1
So powerful paws! (Very Horrible Song)
Lazy man
Welcome love and husband too
Imagine for a while
Anika is God follower (Song) 3
Charona's Prayer 81
Precious Heaven 92
Arpita (in regard to my classmate) 1
Arpita is a lover ( you have to be at least 18 years old to read
Lost In Cave (Scary Story)
The Story About Unlucky Max (You need to be at least18 years old 3
Cold Winter 91
Oh My Beloved One
What I believe in
Improvisation (from the story " Alice in Wonderland")
Struggle in the Night
I have tried to reach you
Ultimate Love (Song)
The Story About Hedgehog Who Committed Sin
The Place Where You Wouldn’t Want To Be 1
Hello Dear Christians
Sleeky (Part 2) (You should be at least 18 years old to read thi
Oh Father 1
The Death of Michael Jackson 1
Guys are we truly in love with girls?
Santa Claus’s Advice
Suicide Prevention 92
One not very long story or Don't talk to the Strangers
Because of You to Kelly Clarkson 1
Christianity and Sexual Immorality 2
Sisters at the Dinner Party
Bad Guy
The words which I wished to share to Jesus's Disciples 1
Maybe I didn’t fall in love 8
What I think about Muslims 2
God is Unfathomable 1
Molson Fellows
Strange Happiness
I am Praying 1
Jake�s Big Bark
B Story.
Wonderful Summer Evening