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Once upon a time in one large forest where the winters were
snowy and cold while summers were full of pesky flying
insects the single hedgehog, Dexter used to live in the
earth home near the large birch.  Every fall, he collected
mushrooms, nuts for food and sticks for oven. When the
winter came up, he slept in his cozy bedroom. In the spring,
Dexter started repairing and renewing his house while the
summer he pretty much spent with his friend rabbit, Jason
who happened to dwell nearby.  
Many animals, birds and mammals, knew our hedgehog mainly
due to his humble spirit, and honesty. In his life, Dexter
had never stolen anything from any living creature, not even
a single nut. Nobody in the wood could recall that if in one
single day Dexter said something bad about other creatures,
or swore occasionally. No envy and bitterness toward his
friends as well as others in the forest have ever come to
him. How about such things as debauchery and lust, which
used to be so common among the foxes and wolves? In this
case, Dexter was always the last person to suspect. His
friend Jason, used to say about him, “He is so spiritual
and innocent, that I can only compare him to Jesus. I am so
lucky to be Dexter’s friend”. 
Dexter was incredibly honest and pleasing to other creatures
around him. He helped one squirrel, Lara, collecting the
nuts and apples which fell from the trees. He often shared
his mushrooms with his friend Jason. Dexter also took care
of hamster, Roustam, when he was sick because he had eaten
too much berries. 
One maid hedgehog, Christina was so attracted to Dexter’s
humble life and spiritual attitude, that in the summer she
offered him her friendship. Soon in August, Dexter and
Christiana got married. 
Everything went quite well in the life of Dexter until one
morning, a large and hungry wolf with the top hat on his
head appeared close to his house. Dexter was simply took by
surprise when he opened the door to trough away the garbage
and faced with his open mouth that grey predator with sharp
teeth. The wolf in his turn raised his hat up.
“Oh hello Dexter, I bet you don’t remember me”, he
“No, Uskey I still remember you”, answered Dexter. 
“Good good, they do you know what, I’ve heard that you
have a rabbit nearby”.
“Giving false testament is a sin” thinks Dexter “So I
have to be truthful to Uskey even if he is my enemy. It was
also written to love your enemies. So I must be nice to
Uskey. But first I’d love to ask him, what he wants with
“What do you want with rabbit? asked Dexter Uskey.
“I need to have some bible studies with him” answered
 “You are lying!” 
“Ok ok, you won Dexter”, said Uskey, “I just want to
eat him”.
“It is horrible; you want to kill my friend!”
“I know I know, but I need to eat someone Dexter,
otherwise I will die of starvation. You don’t want me to
die, do you?”
“Not of course not, Uskey, but Jason is my friend”
Uskey smiled: “Oh, so the rabbit’s name is Jason. Very
interesting. So tell me, Dexter, whether the house of Jason
is at the right side of your house, somewhere near that
“No”, said Dexter, “there is no one living here”. He
was happy that he didn’t have to lie at this time. 
“Ok, how about that small house out of sticks which is
located behind your house near the old oak?” inquired
Uskey and he even pointed Dexter with his hand to that
“Oh tha-a-a-t ho-ou-se” uttered Dexter elongating his
words, “No, that house belongs to my friend, Roustam, he
is a hamster”. 
“Too bad, said Uskey with a tune of disappointment, “So,
how about that bush which is there… yeah just turn to the
left. So, does rabbit live there?
Dexter was frightened, for he knew that beneath that bush
there was a hole where the rabbit, Jason lived. He didn’t
know what to do. If he lied to Uskey, he would definitely
have chance to save the life of his friend. But by doing
that he simply breaks one of very important commands
“Don’t give false testament”. So for a moment Dexter
couldn’t say anything. Uskey was getting impatient “I am
Suddenly, Dexter uttered, “I … I … I d-d-d on’t
But Uskey was not that kind of stupid guy. He immediately
jumped into the bushes and grabbed the rabbit who was hiding
in the hole. Then, he made beeline toward the stick-made
house located near the old oak to take a hold of the
Dexter ran in his house and close his door after him. In his
bedroom, he fell on his face and prayed. “Oh my Dear
Heavenly Father hear my cry! You are the only One who is
good, merciful and ever forgiving. Let your Holy Name be
exalted among the nations, let your light shine upon them,
so all creatures will bow before you. God, today, my heart
is full of sorrow because of horrible thing which I have
made. I lied to wolf, Uskey, for I said to him that I
didn’t know whether the rabbit was in the bush or whether
he was not there!  I brought the false testament to my
enemy; and by doing so, I also showed my lack of love toward
him! Please, forgive me oh Lord! Teach me again how not to
lie and be honest! Teach me again how to love my enemies!
God, take care of Uskey, and teach him how to follow your
path! With Jesus Christ I pray Amen.
The rays of sun lovely touched the stems of ancient trees,
the bushes and the humble hut where Dexter with Christiana
lived. The new day had come. 
Posted: 2008-11-18 21:43:46 UTC

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