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crafting love out of nightmares is my noble ambition... i will not give up on you.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Rogue Waves 92
Left Handed 81
Dreaming For What Was But Never Was
However You Take It
Inside of Us All (BE) 93
Writing Something For The Good
If You Were Her 1
Five Foot Too Small (NEVER) 3
Well, We All Have Our Differences...
Ode to My iPod( A Love Song)
Shores of Avalon
Whose Fault Is It That We Are Alone
Don't Write Me Off 1
Thrill Of The Journey 91
Calling Far Below
Just Feeling Uplifted
Roll The Dice And Pray For Seven
Stargazing At The Moon (Hold My Tongue) 92
A Billion To Two 1
The Ballad Of Candis And Marsha
I'm Going Home Tonight
My Guardian 2
I Should Put The Past Behind Me Sis
They Say You Are An Angel, But...
You Really Do Owe Me, But I Don't Take Cash 3
The Traitor 8
The Rebellious One 1
How Dare You Patronize Me 1
Miss Invisible 1
The Average Teen-Age Songwriter 1
The Dream I Wish I Never Had 9
It's My Immolation
Apologies From The Spokesperson Of Your Hypocrisy
I Wanna Marry A Nerd
Clip My Wings (Not My Tongue) 91
Wandering Soul
Fire, Ice, and Rage