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Poem title Voter rating Comments
Untitled (No Date)
The Late Afternoon (No Date)
The Princess and the Lightning God: The Curse of the Animals (No
My Lacy, Black Panties (No Date) 4
Para tu (For you) *English Version* (No Date)
The Windstar (No Date)
Variations Of Love (No Date)
My Generation (No Date)
Untitled (No Date) 1
Untitled (Date Unknown)
Hopes Of Love (No Date) 1
Untitled (Date Unknown)
It Ends Here & Now (Published in "Colours of the Heart" by Noble
Prose from a dream I had (February 12th)
To My Dear Husband (No Date) 1
My Love For you (No Date)
Judging Me (No Date)
All That Happened (December 5th 2001)
Love Me As you Love yourself (May 27th 2002)
What My Life Means To Me (July 13th 2002)
Lost Hope (July 14th 2002)
Maybe (July 15th 2002)
What Best Suits you (July 17th 2002)
Marriage Denied (August 6th 2002)
Every Night I Pray (August 24th 2002) 1
Death Has Come (December 20th 2002)
Thankyou (December 30th 2002) 1
Always On My Mind (January 3rd or 5th 2003)
For The One I Love (Written for my grandmother's birthday - Janu
Get Ready (January 31st 2003)
My Heart To yours (February 1st 2003)