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Apologizing in advance for all of the silly comments I've made on my earlier poems. I was one naïve 13 year old. Hope y'all enjoy my recent stuff. Feeling quite inspired lately. -xoxo Marcie follow me on twitter: @ma_chapa3xD
Poem title Voter rating Comments
The Road 6
Thinking of you... 4
a blank page 2
A call to YOU 3
box of evil 4
i am doll 3
Brand new day! 3
go.... 3
this is about everyone~ please read! 97
Maybe 1
Thinking.... 3
abusive 77
how i feel (not a poem) 2
Something i'll never get (just a thought) 1
A wish... 3
Lone Girl 2
broken life 92
Song #1: One Live to Live 97
Falling 2
Let me be (sorta kinda a song) 1
When i'm around you 2
It was you all along (not one of my bests) 1
Zombie 1
Clowning Around :P 1
My Life 2
....friends.... 92
i am me 91
24/7 (song) 3
You Don't Get It (song) 5.332
back Home 92
Love Dealer 2
Shadow people 1
typical night 1
i don't know 2
The Cry of A Military Women (WWII)
The Pink Pig 2
Unwritten Love Song 1
I Could Be Wrong
Monster 1