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Here, I list my poems of life. Hope you enjoy them. The ones indicated in red are new. Leave comments if you like.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
I Will Be There(1) 1
Unrepairable(3) 6.672
Rape(7) 97
I'm So Sorry(2) 2
The Pain of Losing You.(1) 1
Can't(1) 1
You Commited My Suicide(3) 93
All This Rain(1) 71
Oblivious(1) 1
Ugly(2) 72
Her Blue Eyes(2) 2
What do I have to do?
Good-Bye(2) 72
Stained Glass Eyes(2) 62
Words Of Hope
Some Sins(1) 1
Tangled Silence 1
Silver 1
She Wants To Feel(3) 73
A Meditative Scene(1) 1
A Swan's Presence
I Doubt You'll Write This Poem For Me 1
My Heart is Like a Symphony 81
You Told Me In A Dream You Always Loved Me.
You Still Loved Us 1
It Wasn't Over When You Died 1
Memories 71
Eternal Hatred(1) 1
Scarlet Addiction(2) 2
Magic Circle
The Sorrow Of Children 1
Death Bed
Shadows 91
Warped and Twisted(1) 81
Darkness 91
What Lives In Me
Death Of An Angel 51
Screams of Silence
Wave of Mutilation.(1) 1
Stars Up Above
Tunnels 1
War of Angels
Doomed, Damned and Outcast 81
The Cruel Hand of Winter
My Place
The Devil and Me 1
Innocent Blood
Euphoria 1
And I Need You More Than Ever Now...(1) 1
My Beautiful(4) 4
Another Statistic(2) 2
The Dawn's End
My Apologies
My Bath Experiences(5) 5
That Night
Can't You See? Don't You Care?
What is There Left to Do?
The Evil In All Of Us 9
Can I Love You?
A Lesson on Cheering Yourself Up.
The Girl In The Mirror(2) 2
What Else Can You Feel?(2) 2
Bitchdom(2) 2
August 20th /2006
Forget and Regret.(1) 1
Riding on Llamas 1
This One Won't Be Popular 1
Amanda 1
Psychotic Breakdown 1
The Lost Boys