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Hello,I am a houseswife from Terrell Texas and I love to write. Please read my poems and tell me what you think. Thank you I guess people don't read poems anymore
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Revival Is Here 92
IF Hope 94
My Love 81
Hold on too 91
I'LL 82
Live,Love,and Learn 84
Light In My Eyes ( My Son Calvin's Poem ) Rewritten 2
DEAR MOMMY (letter from an unborn child if it could write) 97
Revival in the land 91
Let's Get High 1
" Prisoners of the Soul"
I am a Soldier 1
" Are You In Lust ?" 4.51
Freedom Isn't Free...
What About This: ( In Memory Of My Sister Tammy )
My Love For You
I Don't Understand...... 91
Dear Daddy ( Part 2 Of Dear Mommy ). 2
Cold Heart
Take My Hand 2
You are always on my mind
How Blessed I Am 1
Freeze! Your Under Arrest 1
Nora My Sweet 1
Gone But Not forgotten 1
City Girl Goes Country
All I Want... 1
The Mind Is the Battlefield 91
THE WEAPONS OF THE WORD (Part 2 of Mary's side)
Jenny and The Horrible Hollisters