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I have a love of the morbid, the dark, the mysterious and the beauty found within. I like old tales with new spins. I like to weave creepiness and prettiness together. Comments are appreciated, contact is welcomed. [email protected]
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Living Every Day
Forgive Me 2
Distant Sun
Are You Out There? 1
The Lost Soul Cries Out
Lament of the White Wren
Blackbird Gates 3
Wolf Chant
Ballad of the Bitter 82
Spider's Tears 82
What's The Point? 1
Here Before
Nothing/Anything 2
At My Side
Self - Inflicted 91
Object of My Desire 2
Without a Cause
Bring Me Down
I'd Give You My Heart 2
Death of a Ghost 92
The Promise
Forever Lonely 1
Night 1
Looking Glass 4
Broken Girl 1
Dreaming Again 2
My Dark Queen
Never Needing You 3
In the End 1
My Knife (My Love) 3
One Last Requiem
Kiss of Death
Alice 92
Silly Little Alice 4
The Heart of Loneliness (A Short Story) 1
Am I Sane Yet?
The End
Deaf Ears (A Silent Conversation)
Headless Thought Butterflies
The Ghost in the Sheets 3