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I'd like as much feedback as possible...Negative or Positive. The poems with an asterisk are my favourite.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Regrets 1
The Stars hold the answers 1
Sad Memories 2
All my fault
Can't Breath 72
Time heals
Serenade Me
Never enough
We've changed 1
My assumptions 71
These wishes 82
The wishing well 1
Oceans apart 1
Why, oh why?
Why didn't I know? 92
It's Just a Word 8
His words
Desolate World
Sinister Smile
If only...
*A curse I've yet to break
Stray 3
This locket 7
Walk away 1
Afloat on this sea 1
I am not worthy
Turning corners
Your gift to me
*Labyrinth of my heart
*Nostaliga for the lost days
Your Face
All Regrets and All Goodbyes 1
*In Your Eyes
Just Laugh
*Ice and Fire 2
Open your Eyes 2
Broken Barrier
My Words Betray My Intentions 1
Blue Flame 3
Fate and Free Will 93
Beyond Words 2
Dusk Till Dawn 1
Falling 3
My heart's ablaze