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You and me we met
Never came across as perfect
Between us there were always cracks
And now it's just a turmulous wreck

I never found myself this way before
And now that I find this above all
That everything we had was just raw
We were meant to be down...to crawl

Turn around you'll see me staring at you
Turn around you'll catch me watching you
Nothing beats harder than letting you go
Seeing you out there in the cold

Me not holding your hand
I can never understand
It was either me or you
That just had something to do
With breaking us up
Or never letting us in
I don't even know...where to begin

You'll never hear me out...or can't you?
You'll never let me in...or will you?
I'll never know what this is about
Unless for God's sake you make a sound
Posted: 2009-12-06 17:14:09 UTC

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2006-03-13 18:31:33Faith
This poem sounds like me somtimes... well done, i like it!

2006-04-01 05:14:15
It's easier for me to rhyme, too. As far as the poem goes, it was interesting with truth. A lot of people can relate!