God!"where are thou?", by Julie Subscribe to rss feed for Julie

Voices in my head
"Kill yourself you are worthless!"
"Come my child,""I'm here".
Posted: 2006-02-11 22:28:48 UTC

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2006-02-15 23:42:22Love Dragon
Dont kill yourself. You are not worthless.

2006-02-16 07:00:17Julie
lol thank u even tho this poem reflects my feelings my son is my will to live in these trials.

2006-10-24 04:26:10Shujaat Ali Rahi
If God loves you, He does not want you to be killed by yourself. You may, God forbid, be killed by someone else though. Rahi

2009-01-11 13:12:57Nobody's Child
I feel as you do all the time people pretend to be your friend and all they do is screw up your life