Once Upon A Dream, by Sian Stokes Subscribe to rss feed for Sian Stokes

When I first saw you
The world came to a halt
All that mattered was you and me
Nothing was anyone’s fault

I stood there for a second
And gazed into your eyes
I wished to be yours
Wrapped up in the skies

Then the world started moving
You talked to the girl on set
I watched until you’d finished
That moment I’ll never forget

So I printed off a picture
And kissed you every night
Said my prayers, snuggled up
My face then suddenly turned white

I sunk into dreamland
Must have been so keen
Then I got a kick from reality
You were nowhere to be seen

I dreamt until I found you
I heard nothing but a few words
‘Don’t forget believing’
Then a chirping of two birds

I’d woke up early morning
And realized where I’d been
Wishing not of the impossible
Just once upon a dream!
Posted: 2006-02-12 16:58:57 UTC

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2006-02-12 20:42:36 *****Junior Walker*****
Sian has arrived.This boards been good to me so it should be the same to you babe,the people here recognise talent and you have alot of it so you should be getting some positive comments soon xxx

2006-02-13 20:17:53Sian Stokes
Lol fanx babe for evrything. You were the one who talked me into this and im glad you did. Love alwayz xoxox

2006-02-21 03:48:24ChuKico PrIme
You're very talented! your poems are very .... i can't find a word to decribe!.lol. they're sooo incredibly good. :) way to go buddy!

2006-09-21 15:28:01 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
great poem! love it!

2006-10-17 23:51:19Dimplegirl

2007-04-11 07:36:42User
Wow..Junior Walker is right..you are a great writer..!!